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2012-11-1 12:12:31

Equipment for analytical through to semi preparative purifications

Spectrum HPCCC imageThe SPECTRUM range offers you additional capability for purifying products in either drug discovery or drug development stage of drug development. It is particularly appropriate when sample solubility is the major constraint and/or where solid phase chromatography products offer poor performance or impractical solutions. The SPECTRUM unit allows you to develop separation solutions at the mg through to gram scale, on a single piece of equipment.

The key advantage is that purifications are easily scaled and once the purification method is developed, it can be run at all other sizes simply by scaling up volumetrically. This means you can focus on your key task - drug development - rather than wasting time and cost on redeveloping the purification process, as scale increases.

All the high performance counter current chromatography machines produced by Dynamic Extractions have been designed to interface with existing liquid chromatography equipment. Therefore all existing ancillary equipment can be used, and it is not necessary for you to invest in new ancillary equipment.

The equipment is fully backed by the Dynamic Extractions team that provides support through training, feasibility studies, method development and direct customer contact. This ensures that all customers have peace of mind and confidence in the technique

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