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Orbisphere 410/510 in-line oxygen/ozone/hydrogen analyzer
Orbisphere 410/    Inquiry
Orbisphere 410/510 in-line oxygen/ozone/hydrogen analyzer Sensor options :Up to 3 ORBISPHERE sensors (with a maximum of 2 TC sensors) ...[Details]
disolved oxygen/hydrogen analyzer
disolved oxygen    Inquiry
Orbisphere 3655/3650 disolved oxygen/hydrogen analyzer Power Supply Batteries: two C-type cells, NiCd or alkaline,each, 2.4–3 volts total Power Autonomy 40 hours continuous use Signal Drift: <0.5% of reading between service Temperature C...[Details]
The Mini high performance counter current chromatography instrument offers you liquid-liquid chromatography at analytical scale for purifying products in either drug discovery or drug development stage of drug development. It is particularly appropri...[Details]
migration cell
migration cell    Inquiry
Measurement of the migration of low-molecular substances from packaging's by sample preparation with the migration cell and following analytical quantification...[Details]
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